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DataCAD is a professional CADD AEC program for architectural design, photorealistic rendering, animation, and creation of design documents. DataCAD was developed by architects and architectural software developers and contains tools that facilitate design and drawing, such as automatic door and window insertion, associated measurement and shading, automatic 3D pan, and a DXF / DWG translator based on Teigha. DataCAD is ranked as the second most used software by registered architects according to a recent survey conducted by the firm of the American Institute of Architects (AIA).



DataCAD allows you to prepare, edit, and complete accurate construction documents. More than editing tools, DataCAD includes automatic 3D modeling and photorealistic rendering tools that put it ahead of the competition. Control lighting, cast shadows, and use texture maps to create beautiful 24-bit color photos from your latest design. By visualizing the project in advance, you and your client can save time and money by accepting changes earlier in the design process.


Download DataCAD on your laptop and take it directly to your construction site. It has special features for developers and contractors to help you increase productivity and improve quality. For example, DataCAD’s built-in pan tool automates 3D panning for floors, walls, and ceilings. In fact, it sees that the software surrounds the walls of the building and searches for stairs, doors, windows and skylights.

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