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Don’t you always feel like a jigsaw puzzle when sawing panels etc? Cutting Planner significantly reduces manual work that took several hours, thanks to a unique algorithm that combines real factory work experience with computer power. By using a calculated cutting pattern as a production order, everyone can work efficiently. You don’t need a hands-on person. And you can get an accurate estimate.

What is a cut optimizer?

Cut Optimizer is a software that cuts many small sheets from natural sheets such as plywood, aluminum sheets and metal sheets.

Calculate a good sawing pattern for saw panels, proportions and assembly. It is used in furniture manufacture, metal sheet and sheet metal processing, etc.

The calculation results can be checked on the computer screen, printed and used as a construction site assignment. You can also use it to calculate estimates.

It also helps to cut the optimization of the long material.

Even long materials such as sticks, pipes and hoses calculate the cutting sequence effectively. Cutting Planner supports 1D and 2D for one software.

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